Affiliate Program for Businesses Overview

Comprehensive Copywriting Academy Affiliate Program Information 

Thank you for your interest in our affiliate program. The Comprehensive Copywriting Academy is designed to help people who love to write create successful, thriving careers as copywriters. Whether they want to write copy full-time or part-time, freelance or on-staff, from their kitchen table, an office, or a cafe in Barcelona, the CCA gives them all of the tools and support they need to make their dream career a reality.

How Does the CCA Affiliate Program Work? 

Short version:

  1. You send people to a special link on your site.
  2. People click on the link and sign up for a video training.
  3. If they make a purchase, you earn money—40% of that purchase!

Please note: We’ll pay out affiliate commissions for CCA membership purchases, package purchases, and even our ebook, but one-on-one coaching purchases are NOT included in the affiliate program. 

There is no limit to how many people can sign up through your link and no limit to how much you can earn!

What’s Included in the CCA Program?

Great question! At a high level, we teach our students how to write effective copy, how to practice and how their skills, how to build their experience and their portfolios, then how to regularly and consistently find and land clients. We also host monthly coaching calls, monthly Facebook lives, and have a busy and supportive student-only Facebook group.

Once you join our affiliate program, we'll provide you with more in-depth details about what the course includes. 

What’s Behind the Filthy Rich Writer Name?

To us, being “filthy rich” means having a job you love, doing it well, and getting paid well for doing it! But there’s also a bit more to the name, and here are a few more details.  

What’s Nicki’s Background?

Nicki Krawczyk is the founder of Filthy Rich Writer and the creator of the Comprehensive Copywriting Academy. She has been a copywriter for more than 15 years, writing for multi-billion-dollar clients like Hasbro, adidas, TripAdvisor, T.J.Maxx and more, solopreneuers, and every size business in between. Since 2012, she’s also been training writers to build copywriting careers of their own through the CCA, the extensive and real-world training and support she would have given herself way back when she got started.

How Do Students Feel About the CCA?

Why, we thought you’d never ask! Check out our regularly updated written testimonials page here and our video testimonials page here.

How Our Partners Promote the Program

Our most successful business partners promote the program to their audiences regularly and, when possible, automatically. Most new partners send a 3-email series to their audience to encourage them to view the video when the partner first joins the program, and also add a 3-email series to their automated emails to make continued program promotion completely effortless. 

How We Support Our Partners

We're happy to provide any and all resources you need. From interviews with our founder, Nicki Krawczyk, to logos, images, additional information, testimonials, and plenty more, we're committed to helping you make your affiliate experience a positive one and, with any luck at all, highly financially beneficial one!


You cannot make any income guarantees, and you cannot make any guarantees at all on behalf of Filthy Rich Writer, Nicki, or the Comprehensive Copywriting Academy.

Do not put the cost of the CCA on your review page, since depending on what payment plan, and when they purchase, the cost varies. If you are comparing different programs, use dollar signs to show which ones are more/less expensive. For example: CCA $$  Competitive Course $$$ 

You need to have an affiliate disclosure statement to clearly disclose that your link is an affiliate link. This statement needs to be easily visible when your site visitor sees your affiliate link. (So, on the same page and not in a super-tiny size.) You can use something like this: This site contains affiliate links to products. I may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. Here’s a bit more information and some other disclosure examples:

We reserve the right to remove affiliates if we review your site and deem it “spammy.” Additionally, any content that is behind the login screen cannot be shared without written consent. You can email us at [email protected] to learn more. 

We reserve the right to deactivate your affiliate account and deny commissions earned if we determine you have been misusing your affiliate link in any way or promoting Filthy Rich Writer or the Comprehensive Copywriting Academy in a false or misleading way.

We may not do it, but we do reserve the right to delete your affiliate account if your link has been inactive for more than six months (no clicks) or if you have not referred any sales within your first year as an affiliate.

Any referrals MUST come through your affiliate link; we do not accept “email referrals” (“Hey, I referred so-and-so; please give me a commission.”) If your referrals do not click on your affiliate link, you will not receive a commission.

We will not pay out affiliate payments for installment payments we do not receive. For example, if a student defaults on a payment plan (perhaps their credit card was declined over multiple attempts and will not return our communications) and we do not receive a payment, we will not pay out affiliate fees for the student payments that were not made.


All payouts are “pending” for the first 30 days to accommodate our 30-day conditional guarantee. After that, all payouts will be processed on the 28th of each month and will be paid out via PayPal. 

How Can You Get Started?
Email us at [email protected] to tell us a bit more about yourself, your business, and why you think you're a great fit to be one of our affiliates. If we're a match we'll send along more details, as well as a link to join the program. We look forward to working with you!


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