You Can Make a Great Living as a Writer

Building your copywriting career has never been easier: Learn everything you need to know to create a fulfilling, well-paying career, all at your own pace and with personal help and support.


Easy to Follow, Step-by-Step Training

Learn absolutely everything you need to build a copywriting career through online, self-paced trainings. From how to write copy to how to find clients, build a portfolio, ensure you always have work coming in—it's all here, and much more.

Personal Help Via Live, Coaching Calls

You're never in this on your own! Get personal support and advice directly from a 15+ year copywriting professional via live coaching calls. Ask about what you're learning, what you're working on, even client projects!

Exclusive, Student-Only Community

Share ideas, build connections, and learn from other Academy students just like you who are building their own successful copywriting careers, all around the world. 

The No-Nonsense, No-Gimmick Real Copywriting Career Training. 

Whether you want to be a full-time, on-staff copywriter for a global ad agency, a freelancer with complete flexibility, someone with a creative and fulfilling side hustle, or anything in between...we can get you there.



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About Nicki

My name is Nicki Krawczyk. I've been a copywriter for over a decade and a half, working with clients including TripAdvisor, T.J.Maxx, Hasbro, Keurig, adidas and, Reebok. I've worked for agencies, I've worked in-house, and I've been a freelancer.

I founded Filthy Rich Writer and created our Comprehensive Copywriting Academy because it doesn't need to be so hard to break into copywriting. It takes some training, it takes some practice, it takes some guidance. Which is where I come in. 

Believe me: There is plenty  of work to go around. The world just needs more well-trained writers to do it.

Frequently Asked Questions

It's perfectly possible for a copywriter to make six figures once they're scaled up and working full-time. $45-$50/hr is a reasonable starting rate and, yeah, $50 x 40 hours a week x 50 weeks a year (take a vacation!) = $100,000. And that's only your starting rate. Learn more about copywriting salaries >>

Pretty darn quickly! As soon as you start learning (and practicing what you're learning!) you're already more knowledgeable than most potential clients and can start genuinely helping them and benefitting their businesses—and, of course, earning income. Of course, how soon you start earning depends largely on your situation. We've had students land their first client in a week! Hear more about how fast you can earn income >>

It's not a matter of copywriting being the right career; the perfect career. Because there *are* no perfect careers! You’re thinking that you have to be SURE it’s "right" or "perfect" in order to get something out of it…and that’s just not the case. It’s not about being sure, it’s about being committed to taking action. Because if you just follow the steps that we give you, you WILL get something out of it, no matter what; it WILL pay for itself many times over. See some of the traits of successful copywriters >>

Absolutely. In fact, that's how most of our students start—even those who want to do it full time eventually. You can absolutely build a career on the nights and weekends and clients will be perfectly happy to work with you that way. Learn more about building a part-time copywriting career >>

You don't—BUT "experience" doesn't need to mean work experience! You just need to be able to demonstrate that you can write great copy. If you can write great copy, companies will want to work with you! That's why we teach you to create spec ads—pieces that clearly demonstrate your skill before you've been hired by anyone. Read more about this catch-22 (that's not actually a catch-22) >> 

A ton. And there's far more need for good, skilled copywriters than there are good, skilled copywriters to fill them. There are millions of companies and organizations around the world, 538,000 new businesses starting every month, and you only need 4 or 5 clients each month to make a very comfortable, full-time living. There's a TON of opportunity. See why there aren't as many copywriters as you think >>

Nope! The very start of your career is NOT the time to limit your opportunities. Besides, how could you possibly know for sure what you want to do? Instead, you should build a portfolio that shows a depth and breadth of experience so ANY client is confident that you could write well for them. Learn more about why niches are detrimental to new copywriters' success >>

Heck no! You'll waste time on unread proposals and have to undercut your rates just to compete. Best case, you end up working for much less than you should. Worst case, you end up disappointed and disillusioned (like most do). Instead, we'll teach you exactly how to find and land clients who'll pay you well! Check out the math behind these sites and why they'll cost you >>

Nope! All a certificate proves is that you've paid money for a course. With copywriting, the proof is in the pudding: A great portfolio that demonstrates that you can write copy well. And, of course, that's what we help you put together! Hear more on why copywriting certificates are bogus >>


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