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Filthy Rich Writer is an online resource for new and aspiring copywriters, dedicated to providing tips, tools, and training to help people create the careers of their dreams. We are deeply and fundamentally opposed to gimmicks or get-rich-quick schemes; this is about real career training for real career success.

We created the Comprehensive Copywriting Academy to provide real, career-focused training to people who want to put their natural talent for writing to good use—and earn a good living in a fun, creative, and fulfilling career. Whether your goal is to work full-time, part-time, on staff, freelance, remote, contract, or at an ad agency, our team has the experience to help get you there.




Meet Your Copy Coach


Nicki Krawczyk has been a copywriter for more than 20 years: freelance, on-staff, for agencies, for in-house teams, for herself, and as a Copy Director. She’s worked for and with clients including TripAdvisor, Marshalls, Hasbro, Keurig, adidas and, yes, even Harlequin Romance novels. She now splits her time between writing for clients and training others to build successful copywriting careers of their own.

Start and Scale Your Own Wildly Successful Copywriting Career

There are as many ways to build a copywriting career as there are copywriters. The Comprehensive Copywriting Academy is designed to support you and your goals—even as those goals change and evolve.

The best way to learn more about the CCA is to sign up for our free copywriting training. You'll learn more not only about the CCA, but about how you can start your copywriting career even if you only have 30 minutes each day.

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We Called it Comprehensive for a Reason

Our goal for you? To get everything you need to not only learn how to write crazy-effective copy, but to also know how to find and land clients, build your portfolio, and get the support you need to build the career you want.

The CCA includes:

  • 6 Foundational Modules
  • 145+ Deep-Dive courses
  • Daily Support from Copywriting Coaches
  • 2x Monthly Coaching Calls
  • Surprise student-only events (including Pitch-A-Palooza, Summer Freelance Summit, and Write Start)

And we're always adding more! You get lifetime access to it all.

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What Makes the CCA Different from Other Copywriting Courses?

The Comprehensive Copywriting Academy is the only copywriting course created and taught by a copywriting veteran with 20+ years of experience working with multibillion-dollar companies, including Adidas, TripAdvisor, Hasbro, T.J.Maxx, Keurig, and more, plus dozens of solopreneurs and every size business in between.

It’s also supported by a team with a combined 40+ years of experience with copywriting, freelancing, building businesses, and navigating working on-staff as a creative. Whatever path you want to take—freelance or on-staff, part-time or full-time—we have the experience and insight to guide you.

And CCA students get FREE access to annual events like Write Start, Summer Freelance Summit, and Pitch-a-palooza, all designed to accelerate your career.

This is the only course with not just the in-depth lessons to learn and opportunities to practice writing effective copy in all forms (plus ample coaching to support you along the way), but also with practical, proven, and effective steps to find clients and work to build a real career. We teach you every single step to take you from learning your first copywriting principle to earning a six-figure income. Everything you need to know to create a successful copywriting career is in here.

We don’t sell you gimmicks like “certifications,” we don’t confuse copywriting with content writing, and we don’t both teach shoddy “influencer” tactics that would get you laughed out of a creative director’s office. We train professional copywriters who want real careers with real income, and we’re proud that 10,000+ students have already taken that journey with us. And we make sure we all have fun while we’re doing it!

When you join the Comprehensive Copywriting Academy, you connect with a community of people who are dedicated to pursuing their goals, challenging themselves, and cheering on their fellow students. We’re so excited for you to join them.

3 Secrets to Turn Your Writing Talent Into Regular Income

Learn how to consistently land copywriting work, how to (ethically) copy the exact steps to becoming a 6-figure copywriter, and how you can achieve your career goals even if you have just 30 minutes each day.

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